Meet the Locals

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We purchase from over 130 local farmers and food producers year-round to bring you the best Iowa has to offer (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, too) – even for the ingredients in our prepared foods!

So if you missed the farmer's market, you're in luck:

You can find goods from the growers and local businesses you love right here at your Co-op, every day of the year.



Iowa producers featured at the Co-op



local products on the shelf at New Pi



MILLION DOLLARS in local products sold last year from the Co-op



producers within an hour's drive of New Pi

Support Your Local Community

We define "local" producers as within the state of Iowa, or 250 straight-line miles of our stores.

New Pi stands apart from our competitors in the way we do business with local growers: we sign purchase contracts with our vegetable growers, providing a guaranteed price for their product, before seeds even go in the ground. Our purchase contracts offer our growers a degree of certainty in an otherwise unpredictable climate.


Free range chickens in the field

Featured Producer

Ferndale Market

The Peterson family at Ferndale Market have raised turkeys the old-fashioned way – outdoors on pasture – since 1939 at their family farm in Cannon Falls, southern Minnesota. 

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Meet The Locals

We are proud of ALL our 130+ local providers. Learn more below!