Co-op Board of Directors

A message from the board:

The Year of the Essential Worker

First, to the New Pi team:

Thank you for what you have done this year. 2020 has ushered in more and faster change than we have ever experienced. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you quickly shifted to nearly half of all sales taking place online. This meant we saw you – our favorite cashiers, deli staff, and others – taking on a new role and picking online orders. 

During the months when we could not leave our homes, and many were working from home, you donned your masks every day and came to work.

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Caitlyn Slessor, Co-op Board President

Caitlyn Slessor, Board President speaking on the past year with thanks and appreciation to our staff, members, and community. 

Your Co-op Board


Caitlyn Slessor, Co-op Board President

Caitlin Slessor, President 

Co-op Member since 2002
Board Term thru 2021   |   (319) 389-6431

Jon Fogarty, Co-op Board Member

Jon Fogarty, Vice President

Co-op Member since 1995
Board Term thru 2022   |   (319) 400-4911

Kelli Kennon-Lane, Co-op Board

Ramji Balakrishnan, Treasurer

Co-op Member since 2001
Board Term thru 2021   |   (319) 466-0261

Wannette Doerfield, Co-op Board

Christine Newlin

Co-op Member since 2005
Board Term thru 2023

Jennifer Murphy

Co-op Member since 2013
Board Term thru 2023


Tom Banta

Co-op Member since 2021
Board Term thru 2021