Locally Grown

Iowa grown produce from Dirty Face Creek Farm

Locally Grown

As a Co-op, we buy from over 20 local farms, nearly all within a couple hours drive of our stores. We also partner with another 100+ local producers to bring you Iowa’s best and freshest products (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois too).

Year round, you can find hundreds of local products at your Co-op and literally thousands during our summer and fall seasons. Yes, even in our prepared foods.

So if you missed the farmers’ market, you’re in luck! You can find products from the growers and local businesses you love right here at the Co-op.

Local Symbol


Just look for the local marker!

It's Iowa grown or within 250 miles of our store.


So why do we stock local products?

  • They just taste better.
  • Product is fresh, in season and harvested when ripe (not before). Some of our local growers even deliver produce the day it is picked. Doesn't get fresher than that!
  • Meats are fresh and from the same small herd or flock.
  • We support our neighbors and our community.
  • Less drive time = smaller carbon footprint.

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Iowa grown produce from James, Organic Greens Sprouts

If you like the farmers market, you’ll like the Co-op too.

That’s because many of the local growers and producers you see at the farmer’s market, also sell to the Co-op.

Year-round, you’ll find hundreds of local products on our shelves and even more during our summer and fall seasons.

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Jorge's Organics

Fairfield, Iowa

The best part of what I do is that I enjoy every bit of what I do. I like to work in the soil, seeding, taking care of plants, harvesting…but the best part is enjoying a fresh healthy meal.

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