Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Oceans

Sustainable Seafood

Our fishermen catch seafood in a way that is minimally invasive to a fish’s ecosystem and is fished without threat to their population.

Our Best Catch

Sustainability is important to us. We strive to offer seafood that has been certified Blue Label by the Marine Stewardship Council or is rated "Best choice" or "Good alternative" by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Our providers use industry-leading sustainable practices and we exclusively accept and sell seafood that meets the highest standards for taste and freshness. Joy to the fishes and the deep blue sea!

One Fish, Two Fish

Mark Hoffman catches our salmon and halibut with his family off the coast of Alaska.

Their single boat catches just over 150 fish a day - one beautiful fish at a time. After being caught, each fish is carefully handled and placed on ice within the hour. This preserves their freshness for the cross-country trip to the grocery store near you.

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Read more about the Hoffman family’s fishing operation on our blog.

Mark Hoffman

Featured Producer

Fun Fact:

40% of Mark Hoffman’s fresh Alaskan seafood is sold to our Co-op. Fresh seafood in the Midwest isn’t a myth!



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That may sound like a lofty statement, but it’s true.

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Fresh Seafood at New Pi

"You can’t get any better seafood in Iowa than at the Co-op. I love my Co-op!"

- Cindy Casper, co-op owner and shopper

"I exclusively buy all of my fish at New Pioneer Co-op Cedar Rapids. Recently, I have been purchasing the halibut and the pieces of shrimp. The shrimp pieces are delicious in my pad Thai, and it's a no-brainer because I know all the fish is sustainably caught."

- Teri Van Dorston, co-op owner and shopper

"The fish at the Co-op is the best in the world that I've had outside of Japan. No exaggeration. I buy it twice a week, as it is delivered, because it's the freshest in town! "

- Paly Afridi, co-op owner and shopper

"I never really cared for fish until I experienced the Co-op’s seafood department. I love it, I crave it, because it is SO fresh!"

- Jerry Casper, co-op owner and shopper

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