Organic Produce at the Coop

At New Pi, you’ll find that the majority of the everyday products you buy can also be raised, grown, or produced in a sustainable, clean way.

We believe in the inherent value of organic food, both for our palates, for our bodies, and for its impact on the environment. But, did you know that New Pi’s established relationships with organic producers means that our organic food is often less expensive than the organic products at a regular grocery store?

It's true!

So Why Do We Stock Organic?

  • Better flavor.
  • Cleaner growing practices and healthier to consume
  • Less impact on animals, bugs, and farmers – some bugs are good for plants!
  • Organic growing methods generate natural and nutrient-rich soil


USDA Organic Logo

Just look for this organic symbol.

Grinnell Heritage Farm on Growing Organic: The Local Farm to Customer Connection

Start Your Organic Journey

These healthy and delicious foods will leave you and the planet feeling great!
Try these for starters to get the most health benefit for your dollar:

Why? Their thin, penetrable skins and water-based make-up make it easy for chemical sprays to be absorbed.
Why? Bell peppers are a top Dirty Dozen vegetable that absorb chemicals through their thin skins.
Why? Popeye’s muscles aren’t the only thing with surface area. Spinach’s leafy crevices are often covered by chemical sprays.
Why? No chemicals sprayed here. Enjoy the clean flavor!
Why? Pears are a Dirty Dozen fruit. Buy organic and you can pair spinach with pears for a healthy pesticide-free salad.
Why? We know no one wants actual ants on their ants-on-a-log, but you can have clean organic vegetables without chemicals.
Why? All the flours at the co-op are non-bromated, never bleached and grown without use of pesticides and herbicides.
Why? All of our milk is free of added hormones, promoting the health of animals and humans alike.