Everyone is welcome to shop at New Pi, 
but by joining our community of over 34,000 members, you get something more: 

a stake in a local organization that has nourished our community for over 45 years!

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When you become a New Pi member, your $60 (one time) investment helps support:



better quality foods and ingredients


healthier ways of growing food with less impact to the environment

Sustainable Practices

sustainable producers & practices


local Iowa producers
(in Wisconsin, Illinois, & Minnesota, too!)


fair wages and good working conditions for farmers, bakers, & field workers


your local community's economy

Why We Love Being a Co-op

Being a co-op has allowed us to do things that are better for our community and the environment because the members who invest in us share those same values.

We’re able to pay farmers fair prices for their product, source clean, organic, and local foods, feature humanely-raised meats, and stock products with environmental and social missions.

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It’s a belief that our founding members stood for and it’s one we stand for today. We are stronger when we take care of each other – our farmers, our owners, our community, and they, us.  We believe that we can do good as individuals but our greatness is witnessed best when we band together and support one another.

Membership is $60 for a lifetime.

Should you choose to relinquish your share, the Co-op will buy it back.

Owner discounts also extend to those with whom you live and share food expenses.

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To sign up, speak to any cashier at our stores. Individuals can purchase up to one share. 

Receive 20% off your purchase the day you join.

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