Double Up

Double Up at Your Co-op!

Double-up Food Bucks make it easier for low-income Iowans to eat fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting family farmers and growing local economies.

How it Works

Any eligible customer can bring their SNAP EBT card (a.k.a.Food Stamps) to a New Pioneer Food Co-op Store.

For every $1 you spend on fresh fruits and vegetables with your SNAP EBT card at New Pi, you will earn a matching $1 in Double-Up Food Bucks (up to $10 per day), which can be used to buy produce!

For example, if you buy $5 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll receive $5 in Double-Up Food Bucks. Once you receive your Double Up Bucks you can make additional produce purchases with your bucks or save them for later. 

Double-Up Food Bucks vouchers can be spent at any of our three New Pioneer Co-op stores and at the Iowa City & Downtown Cedar Rapids Farmers' Markets.


Shop for Produce

Thank you!

To our partners at Iowa Healthiest State Initiative for assistance with this grant.

To Horizons,
a Family Service Alliance, for their welcoming assistance with Double-Up Food Bucks at Iowa Farmers Markets.

To the produce buyers and growers,
who over the years, have established us as “the” destination for locally raised produce, which makes participation simple.

Special gratitude to our talented IT team,
for solving the “behind the scenes challenges,” allowing us to be the first grocery store in Iowa to participate.
Being small and able to be flexible has its advantages!

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