Maestro Empanadas

Type: Restaurant

Produces: Empanadas

Location: Coralville, IA

Miles from Coop: 1


When Christian Bejarano and Marta Hamity moved to Iowa from Argentina, they had trouble finding their favorite food: the empanada

a turnover-style pastry stuffed with a variety of savory fillings that is then baked or fried.

They got cooking and brought empanadas to the Iowa City Farmer’s Market in 2011, quickly earning a cult following. 

In 2015 they opened a storefront in Coralville – less than a block from the Coralville Co-op – and won third place in Top Chef Iowa City 2017!

Stop by our freezer case in Coralville and Iowa City for their delicious handmade empanadas, each closed with a unique fold to designate their filling.


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