Trumpet Blossom Cafe

Type: Restaurant

Produces: Vegan Bowls

Location: Iowa City, IA

Miles from Coop: .5


For Katy Meyer, owner of the Trumpet Blossom Cafe, there's a connection, a sense of community, that's made when she knows where the products she's using comes from.

So, when it comes to creating their entirely plant-based menu, it's important that she sources local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible in order to provide the most sustainable and creative dishes she can.

Offering a menu full of delicious items like a Tempeh & Kimchi Bowl, Mac & Cheese, Rachael Wrap, and Buffalo-Style Seitan Wings, including gluten-free items, dessert, bakery items, and a deli-style carry out, she utilizes relationships built with many of the same producers as we do at New Pi in order to honor her commitment of using organically grown items whenever possible.


Saying in a recent article with Field to Family,

"It’s great to have relationships with local growers and producers so that you can get to know their products, and they can get to know your needs and preferences, and each party can adapt to the other’s ups and downs and meet in the middle whenever possible."

"We’re all part of a local food system that can sustain each contributor’s livelihood and hopefully even help them thrive when given the opportunities to connect and learn from each other."

It's no secret that here at New Pi, we do our best to provide you with the best.

We're proud to highlight this amazing local restaurant and offer grab n' go vegan salad bowls and wraps in both our Coralville and Iowa City locations.

See Katy Featured on Iowa Public Television:

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