Rolling Hills

Type: Farm

Produces: Lettuce and Herbs

Location: West Union, Iowa

Miles from Coop: 80

From Kansas to Iowa

When these Kansas farmers moved to Iowa, land prices in Fayette County proved to be a barrier to entry. To pivot, a greenhouse was put up behind their home so they could farm under a roof hydroponically.

The first crop was planted in March of 2011. 


Now, Rolling Hills employs about a dozen people to keep their 22,000 square feet of cropspace running smoothly to produce the high-quality lettuce and herbs that our members love. 

"Our goal is to produce the highest quality greens possible while providing a great working environment for our employees."



Rolling Hills keeps sustainability an important part of the business. Hydroponics saves water compared to conventional growing methods. 

They also use fuel efficient delivery vehicles and direct store delivery to decrease their carbon footprint. 

Beneficial insects and organic sprays are used for bug and fungus control. 

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