Rainbow Roots Farm

Type: Farm

Produces: Vegetables

Location: Iowa City, IA

Miles from Coop: 5

First Generation Farmer Focuses on Regenerative and Sustainable Ag Practices

Corbin Scholz graduated with a pre-med degree from the University of Iowa but was more interested in preventative medicine. Knowing that our health not only relies on healthy food, but a healthy environment, Corbin learned organic farming out in Washington state. Realizing she could have a greater impact on her community through farming, Corbin came back to Iowa and started a CSA.


We strive for regeneration of the land and ecosystem, equity in food access for our community, and advocating for small farms growing local food! "

Starting small on an unused hay pasture owned by a friend's parents, Rainbow Roots Farm now operates on 6 acres just 5 miles from our Iowa City Co-op. The farm boasts 6 greenhouses to help extend the growing season from March to December, and employs 8 workers to help run the operation. 


"Our sustainability goals revolve around the environment, retaining employees with a healthy wage and work/life balance, and making sure everyone has access to our food to have a healthy community around us."


Rainbow Roots Farm is Certified Organic and certified by the Real Organic Project. Rainbow Roots Farm grows a large variety of vegetables including the usuals you would expect, but also veggies like okra, eggplant and even artichokes.

Artichokes are my favorite product to grow and to eat. They are DELICIOUS and such a treat to have them locally grown. We trick them into being annuals by putting them through a 3 week 'vernalization' which is a false mild winter when the plants are little. Then they fruit in the first year! The artichokes are small but that means you can eat almost the whole thing. "

What Corbin is most proud of is the community that she has cultivated around the farm. 

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