Meet the Locals

Aerial shot of farmers working a field

We purchase from over 130 local farmers and food producers year-round to bring you the best Iowa has to offer (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, too) – even for the ingredients in our prepared foods!

So if you missed the farmer's market, you're in luck:

You can find goods from the growers and local businesses you love right here at your Co-op, every day of the year.



Iowa producers featured at the Co-op



local products on the shelf at New Pi



MILLION DOLLARS in local products sold last year from the Co-op



producers within an hour's drive of New Pi

Support Your Local Community

We define "local" producers as within the state of Iowa, or 250 straight-line miles of our stores.

New Pi stands apart from our competitors in the way we do business with local growers: we sign purchase contracts with our vegetable growers, providing a guaranteed price for their product, before seeds even go in the ground. Our purchase contracts offer our growers a degree of certainty in an otherwise unpredictable climate.



Featured Producer

Echollective Farm

Derek extends the local growing season through his use of hoophouses, allowing customers clamoring for local food to savor the season earlier and later.

Derek’s innovative methods continue to promote sustainability, collaboration, and cooperation.

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