Marmalade Sky | Gluten Free Desserts

Type: Bakery

Produces: Desserts

Location: Fairfield, IA

Miles from Coop: 61

Marmalade Sky is a local artisanal bakery in Fairfield, IA, specializing in gluten-free baked treats. 

Stop by the Co-op to find her brownies, pecan pie bars, macaroon bars, and a range of individual mini cakes such as Seville Orange Almond, German Chocolate, Blueberry Lemon, and Coconut Chocolate.

Malak Nour, the founder and baker, talked with us about how she first began baking when she was growing up in Paris, “steeped in the French traditions of bread baking, pastry making, and season-based cooking.”

She began “a whole new baking adventure” ten years ago, when she learned her son has a gluten sensitivity. Malak says his diagnosis, and their disappointment with the gluten-free mixes in stores, gave her focus:

“I had a mission: to find a way to bake everyone’s favorite treats without sacrificing anything to taste or texture.”

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Marmalade Sky | Gluten Free Desserts Products

Checkout these great products from Marmalade Sky | Gluten Free Desserts


Coconut Chocolate Pound Cake


Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake


Pecan Pie Bar


Seville Orange Almond Cake


German Chocolate Cake


Chocolate Macaroon Bar

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