We take a lot of pride in our bakery’s reputation. You can’t find bread like ours anywhere around (people tell us they travel miles and miles just to get it). Our artisanal breads are baked with honest, wholesome ingredients – local and organic whenever possible. Each day, our bakers start with flour, salt, yeast, and water: simple ingredients. Abandoning new-fangled notions like additives, dyes, and preservatives, we've taken bread baking back to the basics. Perfectly simple and perfectly delicious – the only thing extra we've added is love.

To deliver our breads to our stores earlier each day and make necessary efficiency improvements, our specialty breads will only be offered on a seasonally rotating basis – please sign up for New Pi’s emails at the register to be in the loop. We will still make 14 different hearth breads, now ALL available every day.

Why do our stores smell so good in the morning? We bake our from-scratch cookies, scones, and muffins on-site, starting in the wee hours.
Beyond baguettes and brioche, we bake gorgeous cakes for all occasions, and our pastry pros custom decorate cakes to order (before your eyes!). Need H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y E-L-O-I-S-E ! on your cake today? We can do that. : )

Did You Know?

  • Of all co-ops in the country, New Pi has the second largest bakery!
  • We don’t use any artificial colorings, dyes, or flavorings. Our cakes are naturally beautiful just like you! Instead of Red No. 40, ours are tinted with color made from good, clean food.
  • Our bakery uses local cream and butter, and we only use local cage-free eggs!
  • We can make desserts wheat free and work with you for many dietary needs.

Iowa-Grown & Milled Organic Flour from Early Morning Harvest

Sweet, charismatic farmer Earl Haffner mills local, organic flour and cornmeal for New Pi's breads with his stone mill in Panora, Iowa. Read our article here on the beautiful Early Morning Harvest farm – it'll change the way you think about our breads.

New Pi Kitchen Lead Jason’s Sourdough Culture

Sourdough is a live culture, sensitive to natural yeasts in the air. “People put a lot of romance into the age of their starter,” Jason explains, “but it’s actually only as good as the last time you fed it.” Our sourdough culture started in 2004 with grapes from Jason’s mother-in-law’s yard. Feeding our culture includes flour, water, and consistency: someone has to come in every single day to feed it (yes, Christmas Day included!). More here >

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