Forage Kombucha Cans
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Booch Hooch

New Pioneer Food Co-op August 2

Refresh yourself with these portable, shareable fusion drinks made with Forage Kombucha (from Madison, WI) and delicious alcoholic mixers.

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Stress Assistance with Gaia Herbs

Justin Walsh, New Pi Wellness Department Lead May 24

Gaia formulations incorporate herbal traditions from around the globe (learn a bit of the history of the herbs in their formulations).

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Up Your Energy

Justin Walsh, New Pi Wellness Department Lead May 18

Reawaken after a long winter with Source Naturals and ChlorOxygen.

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2018 Food Predictions

Genie Maybanks, New Pi Marketing Coordinator & Outreach January 1

Each year we survey our buyers and chefs to see what food trends they predict will hit big in the coming year.

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