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New Pioneer Food Co-op November 28 Category: Store News


As we move out this pandemic, I want to take a moment and express my gratitude and appreciation for everyone in the organization who has worked to carry us through to today.

I want to especially recognize our staff working the sales floor of our three stores and in production at the hub.

I can't imagine the stress of doing those jobs during the past two and a half years or the lingering stress as Covid diminishes but isn't gone.

I know that all of my fellow board members share my appreciation and gratitude for your hard work.

On behalf of the board, I want to recognize your efforts, sacrifices and dedication. You kept the store open and all of us fed. Thank you so much!

For the last handful of years, every time the annual meeting came around, I kept thinking that in the next year things would turn around.

That something in the economic landscape would get out of our way and we could get back to selling delicious prep foods, groceries, supporting our local farmers/ranchers and just being a more successful business.

That has yet to happen.

Looking to the future I want to share with two thoughts:

  1. We are working to improve the business and serve you better.
  2. New Pi is nothing without your support

Salad bars may still feel uncomfortable for some folks but are now open at all three stores; online shopping took some getting used to; and some of you really enjoy a service counter for meat and deli, while others like the pre-pack better.

New Pi has tried many new things and continues to think about how to better serve our owners, our customers.

I want you to know that the board is focused on holding management accountable to improve business performance and think strategically while also utilizing external resources to assist in our advice for management.

Both the board and management continue to survey the post-grocery landscape for ideas to better serve you.

New Pioneer Co-op has roughly 25,000 owners.

Without you there is no co-op.

We have needed more of your business for the past six years and that is more true today than ever before.

The retail grocery landscape in our community is very competitive.

There is no New Pi without you.

The current economic climate is difficult for a lot of shoppers and we get that. How to provide shoppers more for their money has been a regular topic, along with how to serve our owners where they are and serve them better where we are.

The point is two-fold:

  1. Every dollar you spend at New Pi counts and we welcome your involvement.
    Basically every co-op shopper at every co-op across the country shops in multiple stores. Please consider how you shop and please, try to increase your business with New Pi.
  2. Also, we welcome and value your input.
    How can we serve you better?
    Where can we serve you better?
    We have board committees that you can serve on to advise our decisions.
    We have board elections every year when you could run for the board.

If this organization is important to you, we want you to get involved!

– Jon Fogarty, Board President

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