Shopping Safely

We know you’re doing your best to social distance and keep our communities healthy and safe – thank you!

For those essential errands like grocery shopping, we’ve put together some best practices for our shoppers plus what we’re doing in our stores to make your experience positive and safe.

Please Wear Your Mask 

To best protect the community and our staff, we ask that everyone, customers, staff and product deliverers wear masks when entering our stores. Disposable and reusable masks are available for purchase online or at our registers.

Best Practices for Shoppers:

  • If you are sick, please stay home.
  • Utilize our Co-op Cart website to order groceries online. Just drive up to pick-up - we'll bring the groceries out to you. We have waived all order fees at this time. No membership required. Click here, for walk-through videos and content on Co-op Cart.
  • You are welcome to wear face masks and scarves into the Co-op; our staff are wearing them too.
  • Use the 6 ft. social distancing rule when in the Co-op. Our checkout lanes are taped with 6 ft markers to help shoppers spread out.
  • Keep a travel size disinfectant in your car for use before and after you shop.

For more information on best practices, visit the CDC's Essential Errands recommendations page.

Steps We're Taking at the Co-op

  • We actively clean our stores every hour.
  • We continue to expand our order capacity for Co-op Cart each week. Please note: due to increased capacity, we may not have a chance to call and confirm substitutions, but we will do the best we can to get you what you need.
  • We have complimentary disposable gloves inside each store entrance that you are welcome to use.
  • We’ve installed large plexiglass pains at the checkout to protect you and our cashiers.
  • We have made reusable masks for our store staff to wear (Thank you to our fast-sewing team members Kelly and Patti Z!)
  • Staff members wear disposable gloves at all times (while stocking produce & groceries, personal shopping for Co-op Cart, cashiering, at our bakehouse, etc…) and use SafeServe best practices for switching them out.

The health and safety of our shoppers and staff are our top priorities. Whether you’d prefer to shop online or make a quick trip in person, rest assured we are taking every precaution to make your shopping experience safe.

Thank you for supporting your locally grown, community owned Co-op!