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Made without artificial colors, flavors, or ingredients.

To place an order,
please call our pastry department at least 72 hours in advance at the store where you wish to pick up your order. Seasonal cakes may only be ordered during specified season.


Classic Flavors:


Made from Scratch Cake
with Cream Cheese Frosting


Made from Scratch Chocolate Cake
with Chocolate Ganache

Vegan Chocolate

Made from Scratch Vegan Chocolate Cake
with Chocolate Frosting

Vegan White

Made from Scratch Vegan White Cake
with Vegan Vanilla "Butter Cream"

Sizes and Quantity

New Pi Cupcakes
Minimum order of one dozen per flavor.

New Pi Jumbo Cupcakes
$2.69 each or $32.28/dozen
Minimum order of six cupcakes.