Local Holiday Sample Fair

Ready-made Thanksgiving Meal Kit

This Year’s Ready-Made Thanksgiving Meal Kit:
(wine-6 packs sold separately)

Build a better world by joining in the community of New Pioneer Food Co-op.

Our events are a perfect way to learn cooking skills, learn sustainable practices that support our environment, and maybe you can even learn something about your neighbors or yourself!

What You’ll Do:

Enjoy local foods from local farmers and producers in the comfort of your local grocery store

Taste free samples of New Pi’s delectable Thanksgiving meal kits

Where It’s Happening:

November 2, 2019
New Pi Coralville

Kids test food at NewPi

Additional Details

Looking for places to eat in Iowa City and places to eat in Cedar Rapids? New Pi is more than just a grocery store, and our Local Holiday Sample Fair is the perfect no-risk opportunity to see how organic and locally grown food can make a difference in your life.

How can food make a difference? First off: it tastes better! Second, buying from local producers keeps more money in your community, and buying organic promotes sustainable practices that can help save our planet.

This event is FREE & everyone's welcome – bring your friends! And while you’re in our store, be sure to enter for a chance to win a fabulous New Pi holiday gift basket!