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New Pi Staff Predictions: 2024 Grocery Trends to Watch For

Barb Danielson January 2 Category: Featured Products

From mushrooms to hormone support to environmental concerns, here's what the New Pi buyers and staff predict for 2024 in the always changing grocery and wellness landscape. 

Grocery Trends

Sue Andrews, Purchasing Director, is noticing a big focus on plant-based protein and enhanced beverages (think mushroom powered coffee and vitamin packed energy drinks).

Water conservation and regenerative agriculture continue to be important topics in the food industry. Environmental concerns seem to be a growing influence on consumer spending. 


Drinks +

If you thought mushroom coffee was just a fad, you are mistaken. The healing properties of mushrooms are here to stay. 

And it's not just mushrooms boosting your drinks. There is a huge trend with drinks adding vitamins, pre and probiotics, natural energy, and more!

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Plant-Based Protein

We are seeing a shift in the plant-based protein realm away from processed meat-like substitutes back to actual plants like beans, lentils, and quinoa.  

There is also a growing trend of enhancing convenience foods such as ramen or instant noodles with plant-based proteins. 


Chili Crisp Craze

We see the popularity of spice continue to trend, particularly with condiments. 

Chili crisp has become a viral condiment among foodies on social media. Chili crisp is a spicy and crunchy chili oil that adds heat, flavor, and texture to your favorite dishes. 

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Regenerative Viticulture

Soil health, water conservation and regenerative agriculture are becoming increasingly important within the food industry and the wine industry is no different.

Mercedes Perret, who oversees our Coralville Wine Department, is seeing an increase in vineyards that are focusing on regenerative practices to keep wine-making sustainable for generations to come. 

Produce Trends

Zil Tornblom, Iowa City Produce Lead, is noticing a big uptick in focusing on colorful veg and it's nutritional content. Surprisingly, social media informs some produce purchases depending on what recipes are trending. 


Colorful Root Vegetables

There is a big emphasis on the nutritional content of colorful root vegetables including purple sweet potatoes, beets and parsnips. The red beets on shelves are currently locally sourced!



We've noticed that radicchio seems to be having a moment. The intensely flavored, wine-red leaves also help your body use glucose more efficiently, helping with insulin resistance. 

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Wellness Trends

Our Wellness Coordinator, Michelle McClintick, shares her observations in the wellness industry. 


Women's Health

Finally, women's health research is catching up and we are seeing a huge trend in products that help support women throughout life stages. Hormonal Support products and supplements, particularly for menopause and perimenopause support, are gaining popularity. You will also see products to aid women in menstruation, prenatal and postpartum phases.

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