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New Day, New Pi

Matt Hartz, New Pi General Manager September 9 Category: Store News

Over the last year, New Pi has reinvested and reinvented.

We are excited about pressing forward and finding new and innovative ways to provide local, natural, and organic food both in our stores and beyond. Staying relevant is a critical piece in continuing to live out our mission and values day-to-day and in the future.

Brick and Mortar

Over the past few months, we have embarked on renovations of both our Johnson County locations. This investment not only made our space more bright, inviting, and functional, but has also allowed us to better serve the needs and demands of our owners and shoppers. Introduction of a hot and cold bar in both locations has helped us accommodate requests for additional hot food options and follow a general consumer trend toward buying more prepared foods.


Co-op Cart

Shoppers’ preference on how to access retailers has drastically shifted. We are thrilled to announce that this fall we'll be launching Co-op Cart, our online shopping platform. You will soon be able to order all your favorite New Pi staples, produce, meat, and pantry items just by the click of your mouse. Our personal shoppers will fulfill your order, and you can pick it up at your desired New Pi location.

Serving Our Neighbors

We believe that everyone should have access to locally sourced and naturally produced food. We recognize that there can be barriers to that happening, especially for our most vulnerable neighbors.

In recent years, we have implemented our Change for Change program, which allows our shoppers to round up their change at the register to make an impact in our communities through non-profits that focus on food security and fresh food access. Since its implementation, that program has reinvested $22,321.55 directly back into our communities. We are also matching SNAP benefits spent on fruits and vegetables dollarfor- dollar through the state Double Up Food Bucks program.

One new initiative that we will be implementing this fall will be a 10% food access discount for any member who also qualifies for SNAP benefits.

We are excited to continue to serve all our community and do our part in increasing food access. In conclusion, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for continuing to invest in New Pi’s mission and vision.

Thank you for believing that change can be made through thoughtful purchasing decisions. We will grow and evolve to continue to serve the needs of our members and provide a market for local, natural, and organic foods, and we look forward to serving you in the coming year and beyond.

Matt Hartz
New Pi General Manager

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Matt Hartz, New Pi General Manager

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