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Need Pizza Partnership

New Pioneer Food Co-op November 9 Category: Store News
Need Pizza on a pizza peel
Need Pizza on a Pizza Peel


For Bob Wagner and Dave Stephan, regular pizza wasn’t hitting the spot for them anymore. They wanted more.

Inspired by pizza makers from New Haven, Chicago, and more, they were excited to start making their own pizzas. Their main focus: giving the crust a face-lift. They incorporated multiple crust styles into one, thus making the perfect crust combination – the great crispy texture, blended with the perfect soft chew. They liked it so much that they opened a pizzeria in 2015, naming it Need Pizza.

For their meat loving audience, they have classic toppings like bacon, pepperoni, and chicken, but they also have toppings that are supplied by local restaurants and vendors. For example, you can get Big Boy Meatballs, Sausage Foundry Sausage, and our New Pi House-made Sausage all made from locals here in the Corridor! We’re excited to have the opportunity to provide high-quality, local, sausage to Need.

Bob and Dave also have options for customers with a wide variety of dietary restrictions. Offering a (just as high-end) gluten free crust, Daiya cheese, and plenty of fresh veggies to top your pizza with.

Not sure what to order? Bob recommends the White pizza with bacon and mashed potatoes!

Offering more than just pizza, Need is also a full-service restaurant that features craft beers and includes a full bar!
It's no secret that here at New Pi, we do our best to support locals and highlight those using the best ingredients and Need does just that. We're proud to feature this amazing local restaurant and in turn, provide them with some amazing, locally produced sausage.
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