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Low Waste Living Class

New Pioneer Food Co-op November 4 Category: Stronger+Together

Wish you knew more about living a low waste lifestyle?

New Pi's Board of Directors Vice President, Kelli Kennon-Lane is a low waste living enthusiast and did a presentation on everything we need to know to help us start living a low waste lifestyle. Here are a few things Kelli teaches us:

  • The difference between degradable, biodegradable, and compostable materials
  • What a circular mindset is and how we train ourselves to think that way
  • Where to start and how to change our consumption habits
  • Tips & examples for shopping low waste
  • How to bring others along with us on our low waste journey

“We don’t need 10% of people living 100% zero waste, we need 100% of people reducing their impact by 10%”

The live chat from the presentation can be found hereFor questions or more information about low waste living, feel free to email Kelli at

Thanks to the Hiawatha Public Library and Kelli for partnering with us on this very helpful and motivating presentation!

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