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A Letter From Our General Manager

Matt Hartz, New Pi General Manager October 3 Category: Store News
Co-op Staff

I am immensely proud of how our Co-op has responded during these difficult times.

When I wrote to you last year, we were renovating and improving our Coralville and Iowa City stores. When fall and winter arrived and we wrapped up those projects, we all hoped for a new year full of stabilization.

We had no idea what 2020 had in store for us.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, change was set into motion once again. Our team quickly pulled together to make swift effective changes to keep our shoppers safe and our stores up and running. 

The past six months truly raised awareness around just how essential the work of our Co-op is.

After two years of development, our online shopping platform Co-op Cart, launched just months before the pandemic arrived.

Our members and shoppers turned to it to keep their families fed and safe.

Nearly overnight, we went from fulfilling a handful of online orders each day to fulfilling over 100 orders each day.

Almost every team member was involved in scaling up our Co-op Cart operation to ensure we could meet the need as our community stayed home to slow the spread.

In May, when people started to emerge and visit our store in person more often, we continually and consistently made safe practices our priority.

We have been a leader in safety and transparency during these times, and I am proud of our team’s thoughtful and incisive action.

We were among the first retailers, locally and regionally, to institute designated hours for senior and at-risk shoppers and to require masks in our stores.

We have committed to upfront communication with our shoppers each time a team member tests positive for COVID-19 and offer paid quarantine time for any team members who come in close contact with another team member who has tested positive.

We take our responsibility to provide you with local, sustainable, and responsibly sourced food seriously and will continue to adjust as needed for the safety of our team, members, and shoppers.

I am so humbled by the pouring out of encouragement, kind words, and support you have given us throughout this year.

You have reached out via email, phone, social media, in person and beyond to thank our team for their essential work.

You have continued to shop with us, reinforcing the belief that change can be made through thoughtful purchasing decisions.

Locally produced products are still at the top of our most purchased lists, and together we are providing much needed support to local farmers and produces.

I am immensely proud of how our Co-op has responded during these difficult times.

Thank you for continuing to invest in New Pi’s mission and vision.

We will stay steadfast in our commitment to meeting the needs of our members and providing a market for local, natural, and organic foods.

We look forward to serving you in the coming year.

Matt Hartz, New Pi General Manager About the Author

Matt Hartz, New Pi General Manager

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