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Holiday Meat Sale – Reserve Yours Today!

New Pioneer Food Co-op December 13 Category: Featured Products

The holidays are almost here. Now's the time to start thinking about your holiday centerpiece. New Pi has the highest quality meat selection to make this season's celebrations full of flavor.

Stop by the Co-op Meat Department or give us a call to reserve or pick up your meats for the holidays.

Check out the offerings below to get a leg up on our seasonal pricing starting Wednesday, Dec. 18.

All of our meats are humanely raised with no antibiotics or added growth hormones.


Iowa-Raised Ham

Whole & Half Beeler Spiral Hams

Bone-In Ham

Whole, Half & Quarter Beeler Boneless Hams


Local, Free-Range Turkey

Ferndale Frozen

Schultz Organic


Grass Fed Roasts & Tenderloins

Standing or Boneless Rib Roasts

All Natural Beef Tenderloin

All of our seafood is sustainably caught.


Canadian Lobster Tails

4-5 oz.

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New Pioneer Food Co-op

New Pi is a food co-operative, owned by over 35,000 members, home-grown in Iowa. We welcome everyone to our store, regardless of membership, and focus on local and sustainable food solutions. New Pi has strong roots in Iowa City’s local food community, and continues to partner with local growers, food, and sustainability organizations to enrich Linn and Johnson County communities.