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Get to Know Our Citrus

New Pioneer Food Co-op December 30 Category: Featured Products

Every new year kicks off citrus season at the Co-op.

Stop in to find a variety of oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes to bump up your vitamin intake this winter season. Check out the flavor profiles below to get to know our produce better!



Navel Oranges

pale yellow-orange peel, seedless, low acidity, sweet tangy flavor



Cara Cara Oranges

low acidity, very sweet in flavor



Mandarin Oranges

these sweet tasting mini oranges have loose, thin skin that makes them easy to peel



Satsuma Mandarins

don’t be fooled by appearances with this fruit -considered the “juiciest” citrus, satsumas have a balanced sweet and tart flavor

in season December-January



smaller in size, refreshing and sweet




green peel, pink interior - mild grapefruit flavor, less bitter and sour




the name grapefruit is a reference to the way the fruit hangs while growing, in clusters like grapes – grapefruit share a similar taste to oranges but are far more tart and acidic and slightly bitter.



Sweet Limes

Because of their sweet flavor, sweet limes can be peeled and eaten as a snack.




limes have a zesty tart, acidic taste with a hint of sweetness




strong, sharp taste with a bitter, sour flavor



Meyer Lemons

moderately acidic, a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange in flavor. These citrusy fruits are sweeter than a regular lemon. 

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