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Board Update: New Pi is Searching for a CEO

New Pioneer Food Co-op July 6

Now that our intensive national search is under way for New Pioneer’s new organizational leader, we are happy to provide you with regular updates.

First, we think it’s important to share that we have elevated the position title from General Manager to CEO. Not only do we believe that this shift in language will help us attract more sophisticated, experienced candidates, we also feel it is a more accurate reflection of the complexity and demands of leadership needed for our multifaceted, multi-location, multi-community cooperative, with annual sales near $30 million. It also helps bring our language up to date and into alignment with other top leadership positions (CFO, COO) in the organization.

The Search Committee would like to share the following updates on behalf of the Board:

  • As you may have read in our June update, our search process is led by the board in consultation with Columinate, which is a cooperative consulting firm that has supported New Pi and our board in numerous ways over many years. We have also secured the services of a recruitment firm to help us cast a wide net and find exceptional candidates from a national pool of experienced people.
  • We will also consider internal candidates who apply for the leadership position, knowing that we have strong and experienced leaders within our midst. Internal candidates will go through the same rigorous screening and interview process as external candidates.
  • After a slow start, we now have numerous applications coming in from applicants near and far, and have begun the initial screening process.
  • The board and its search committee will retain all decision-making in this process on behalf of our members.
  • The board has identified the following priorities in terms of CEO applicant qualifications:
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Financial Management
    • Building and Leading Teams
    • Retail Grocery Experience
    • Adaptability
    • Entrepreneurialism
    • Visionary Leadership
    • Intercultural Competency
    • Effective Communication

We are committed to bringing an excellent new leader to New Pi with the right mix of business and financial acumen, retail/grocery experience, people-first leadership skills, and entrepreneurial vision to bring New Pi into our next era of progress and prosperity.

We are grateful for your trust and support. We have started screening applicants and will give you updates as this transformative process continues!


GM Search Committee, on behalf of the New Pi Board of Directors:

Jon Fogarty, Board President
Dana Judas, Board Vice President
Jen Knights, Board Member

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