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Your Co-op's 2019 Annual Report

New Pioneer Food Co-op September 10 Category: Store News

We are excited about pressing forward and finding new and innovative ways to provide local, natural, and organic food both in our stores and beyond.

Check out this year's copy of the Annual Report below to see what we've been up to.

What You'll Find:

  • Letter from the General Manager, p. 4
  • Letter from the Board President,  p. 6
  • Your Co-op by the Numbers, p. 7
  • Candidate Statements & Ballot, p. 9 (Open to owner share holders)
  • Co-op Financials, p. 18


New Pioneer Food Co-op About the Author

New Pioneer Food Co-op

New Pi is a food co-operative, owned by over 35,000 members, home-grown in Iowa. We welcome everyone to our store, regardless of membership, and focus on local and sustainable food solutions. New Pi has strong roots in Iowa City’s local food community, and continues to partner with local growers, food, and sustainability organizations to enrich Linn and Johnson County communities.