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Staff Weigh In: Food & Product Predictions for 2022

New Pioneer Food Co-op January 4 Category: Featured Products

Here’s what the procurement staff, the buyers, and the foodies setting the table at your Co-op are saying about their predictions for 2022.


Everything plant based will continue to rise. People are continuing to look to eat less meat and Meatless Mondays will become more popular as people start to see more and more alternative meat options.”

“Plant-Based Milks will continue to trend in popularity as an eco-friendly and dietary alternative. Potato milk anyone?”

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More Drink Options

Non-alcoholic mocktail drinks that you can take to a party have been on the rise. Lots of people are abstaining from alcohol these days and delicious mixed drinks without the alcohol are gaining popularity. Check out Mingle Mocktails or Wilson’s Sparkling Cider.”

“Functional beverages like Kombucha will continue to be popular but with the introduction of probiotic sodas and other immunity boosting drinks on the market, functional beverages will be on the rise in 2022.”

CBD beverages are new and hugely popular.” 


Meal Prep

“During the pandemic, we went all in on made from scratch meals but later switched to prepared food options as COVID wore on. This year, I predict there will be more pantry cooking with some fresh ingredients to make week-night meals less labor intensive.”



“Mushrooms and mushroom supplements are increasing in popularity as people are catching on to their many health benefits.”

“Beet supplements are seeing a boom in interest for heart health, blood pressure, circulation, and general immunity.”

“NAC (an essential amino acid and antioxidant) is high demand for it's anti-inflammatory properties.”

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