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11 Black-Owned Brands to Try at New Pi

Barb Danielson January 24 Category: Featured Products


New Pi Food Co-op aims to be a retailer with diverse representation on our shelves. 

We know that diversity and inclusion are not only important to our members and friends of the Co-op, but to our communities at large.

As of 2020, only 3% of American businesses were majority Black-owned. 

Where you spend your dollars helps shape the world you want to live in. Black History Month is a great time to conscientiously support Black-owned brands and businesses.

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ECOS makes eco-conscious cleaning products powered by plants that are good for your family and the environment. ECOS is led by Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, a woman of African American and Greek descent, who has made equity and inclusion central to the ECOS mission. 



2. Alaffia

Alaffia is known for their clean, sustainable skin and hair products. Olowo-n'djo Tchala launched Alaffia to create more just and equitable systems in his native West Africa. Supporting Alaffia means you are investing in environmental health, economic justice and gender equality. 

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3. The Honey Pot

CEO and co-founder, Beatrice Dixon, has made feminine care a sustainable mission. The Honey Pot seeks to promote female health through plant-derived products and sustainability, reducing monthly waste and creating a safe line of products. 

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ibraheem copy.jpg

4. A Dozen Cousins

Inspired by traditional Black and Latino recipes from throughout the Americas, founder Ibraheem Basir wanted to create convenience food that was healthy and delicious. Their diverse offerings of beans and seasoning sauces is a reflection of the rich and diverse culture of their team. 

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5. Mina

Simple, natural, and true to Moroccan heritage, Mina products are made with non-GMO certified ingredients, much sourced from family farms in Morocco. Just like Mina the matriarch, Mina the brand’s dream is for people to experience the beauty and abundance of Moroccan culture through food for generations to come.

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6. Partake

Partake is a Black-owned vegan food brand making tasty snacks that take the junk out of junk food. Founder and CEO, Denise Woodard, has established the Black Futures in Food and Beverage Fellowship Program to support more diverse voices within the food and beverage space. 

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7. Hillside Harvest

Jamaican American founder, Kamaal Jarrett, grew up using food to connect with friends and family. Hillside Harvest strives to continue the tradition of introducing people to unique flavors and recipes through their handcrafted, premium sauces and marinades. 

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8. Wtrmln Wtr

In an effort to curb the 800 million pounds of watermelon waste in America, co-founder Jody Levy developed a brand-new beverage category. Wtrmln Wtr is deliciously hydrating and full of natural electrolytes. 

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9. Yolélé 

Yolélé’s signature product is fonio, a climate-resilient, gluten-free supergrain that’s been a staple of African diets for thousands of years. Yolélé was founded by Senegalese chef Pierre Thiam to create economic opportunity for smallholder farmers in Africa's Sahel region. This supports their biodiverse, regenerative, and climate-resilient farming systems while sharing Africa’s ingredients and flavors with the world.

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10. Hoyo

Hoyo, which means 'mother' in Somali, was co-founded by Mariam Mohamed with the purpose of employing and empowering Somali women in the Twin Cities. Hoyo hires mothers to make one of their favorite dishes - sambusa. With Hoyo's hand-folded sambusas and sauces, you are able to experience traditional and authentic Somali cuisine. 

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pipcorn copy.jpg

11. Pipcorn 

Pipcorn's mission is to redefine the meaning of better-for-you snacking by creating products that not only have better-for-you ingredients, but are also better for families, communities and the planet. The family co-founders use their platform to share other black-owned businesses in the spirit of collaboration. 

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We appreciate your support at the Co-op, but want to amplify the Black business owners we have right here in the corridor.

Click below for a list of Black-owned businesses in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area, curated by Grow Black-Owned. 

Black-Owned Business Directory

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