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Everyone knows it's the little things that make a difference – like asking about your day, chasing you down in the parking lot with the lime you left at the register, or actually knowing your name (and, for a few special regulars, your owner number!).

Shopping at New Pioneer is a gateway to a community of kind, thoughtful food  lovers. Our folks know food and love talking food. Stop by and pick their brains for favorites – and think of this as an appetizer:

Iowa-based Frontier Co-op (Frontier Bulk Herbs & Teas, Simply Organic Herbs, & Aura Cacia) is based on integrity, product quality, social & environmental responsibility, and employee respect. Jasmine Pearl Tea is very popular, as are their aromatherapy and medicinal herbs. New Pi is proud to connect you with them.
Just Coffee Cooperative happens to be some of the greatest coffee in the Midwest, brought to us by a great model, prioritizing fair trade, long-term relationships with small-scale organic farmers, and respect towards all involved getting the bean from farm to cup. Be it their roasts or their business practice, I have yet to be disappointed.
Flint Ridge Organic Produce Co-op is a group of Kalona-area Amish growers who’ve banded together to market their crops cooperatively and have supplied us for over 8 years with a wide variety of produce. Amazingly, they’re able to keep us stocked with zucchini and summer squash from June through fall. That’s 4-5 months of local squash!
I’ve been touting a humble gem from our bulk department for some time: our often-overlooked 32 Bean Soup Mix. It’s one of those great hearty recipes that can be vegan, vegetarian, or for omnivores. Find her recipe here.
Our aged Provolone is a pizza makers’ favorite. Made in Italy from cow’s milk, it belongs to a family of cheeses termed pasta filata, or stretched curd cheese. With age, it develops a spicy, piquant flavor. Mixed with mozzarella, it adds breadth and complexity to pizza toppings and a nice spice to cheese sauces.
Our local produce from Grinnell Heritage Farm is wonderful. Their kales, chards, collards, cabbage, and root vegetables – especially carrots – are very delicious.
Our Olive Bread is delicious. I like to make it into a savory bread pudding at home with chorizo sausage.
I'm in love with: Terlan Pinot Grigio (layers of flavors!), Locations series "I" (Italy) and "WA" (Washington) wines, & Le Superbe Fondue packets – not just for fondue, but unctuous potatoes au gratin or mac & cheese, or an amazing dip (mix with sauerkraut, caraway seeds, turkey pastrami, & Thousand Island dressing for a killer Reuben dip!).
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