Shopping Secrets for Snagging Great Deals at Your Co-op


Take advantage of our Flash Sales!

These deals are great, but they don’t last long – sometimes a weekend, sometimes just an afternoon! – so sign up for New Pi’s emails to get the message in time.


Stock up on Double Deals Wednesdays.

We roll out new sales for you twice monthly, and always on a Wednesday. That day is a magical day: Double Deals Wednesday! All our sales from the previous flyer and the new sales flyer are on sale at your Co-op that day. Again, you’ll want to get our emails to be in the loop.


Shop Our Orange Sale Tags. All. The. Time.

Our sales at the Co-op aren’t a nickel or a quarter off – they’re often dollars and dollars off. Our sales are the real deal. Stock up and save – big time.


Compare prices with comparable units.

We make it easy to compare prices on the 6 oz. package and the 12.75 oz. by breaking it down for you! Look closely at our shelf tags and we’ve got it priced out by the ounce (or appropriate unit). Yogurt, for example, is a great one to buy in the large size – choose plain and stir in a different jam (or honey or syrup) from your pantry for a different flavor every day! Packaging can be misleading – some will surprise you.


Make friends with Co-op Basics.

Look for the purple shelf tags throughout the Co-op for Co-op Basics: great values on clean and organic products every day of the year! Co-op shoppers asked for more budget friendly options and we’ve answered the call by introducing our Co-op Basics!


Win with our many wine discounts.

Did you know your Co-op offers great wine case discounts? 10% off if you buy a case of wine (12 bottles) – and it can be a mixed case of all different wines! We also offer 5% off a half case (6-11 bottles). Hot tip – Fill most of a case with your standbys to get near the 10% off threshold, then fill out the case with a couple special bottles to get the deal hunter’s version of a splurge.


Get the lowdown on our Best Cellars.

Our Best Cellars wine aisle end-caps offer the best deals on excellent wines – often the best prices in the country! Read our wine experts’ tasting notes for each bottle so you’ll take home something you’ll love.


Get the Wine for Brains hook-up.

Sign up for the [WINEFORBRAINS] emails from New Pi Wine Guy Tom Caufield if:

1. You want in on all kinds of really cool wines – some are super-special crazy members-only SALE SALE SALE pricing that will cause your eyes to pop out and your jaw to drop to the floor.

2. You like being ahead of the curve on what's new and cool and getting access to stuff that will make you the envy of all your friends.

We let Tom go wild with this one. Get in on it with that email signup, yet again, right here.

Revel in our Tuesday Rotisserie Chicken Deal.

We’ve got your back with dinner in a hurry with our weekly Tuesday Rotisserie Chicken special, every Tuesday from 4-7PM: whole cage-free chickens for $7.99 or half chickens for $4.99! Crispy skin, succulent flesh, great deal, humanely raised. Nowhere does it like us.


Don’t miss Owner Discount Days.

All Co-op Owners: Every first Tuesday of the month – 10% off supplements and body care products at your Co-op!


Senior Co-op Owners (60+):

Every first Monday of the month – 10% off store-wide (excluding alcohol & milk)!
Every Monday – 20% off supplements!


Bike, walk, or ride the bus...

to any New Pi store and get a stamp on your card at the register. Fill the card and get $2 off your $10 purchase! Good for your body, your planet, and your wallet! Ask any cashier for a card.

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