Reflections from a Departing Pioneer

Thank you to Theresa Carbrey for nearly 40 years of commitment to New Pioneer Food Co-op! Theresa was a founding member of the Cooperative and has been on staff for 39 years. We wish Theresa the absolute best in her retirement at the close of 2016! Enjoy this letter from her, also in your Fall 2016 Catalyst:

Theresa Carbrey at the Co-op

Forty-five years ago New Pioneer set out to satisfy a hunger for clean food, raised fairly and in a sustainable manner.

We have succeeded amazingly well, enduring and thriving across the decades. The ideas of protecting and improving our soil, enhancing our health with plant foods, and supporting local enterprises are now widely embraced. Food co-ops across the nation played a role in raising awareness about all these issues.

Food co-ops are different and unique in that the people who shop at co-ops actually own the business. It’s representative democracy when you vote for the Co-op Board! How many fresh markets are locally owned and democratically controlled? It’s our goal to meet your needs!

As a founding Co-op member-owner, I’ve witnessed member-owners brave controversy to get their needs met. The introduction of coffee, sugar, meat, and beer rocked our little world in the early days of the Co-op. Now everyone understands: just walk past the products you don’t want. Our ongoing work to provide food with integrity has led to today’s fabulous cakes made with organic flour and local butter, Fair Trade chocolate, and non-GMO sugar, assembled by staffers with 401Ks and full health coverage. That’s a sweet treat I can eat! Ahem, as a “now and then” menu item...

The New Pioneer faces unprecedented competition at this time. The surge in awareness of fresh, local, natural, and organic is a good thing for the planet, and for those who follow us. With your support we can look forward to another 45 years of serving the community.

After a hot, humid summer the cool weather feels good. It’s time to roast squashes and turkeys, bake cookies, and set out interesting cheeses. Crisp red apples, shimmering gold leaves against bright blue skies, and the comradery of friends and family make fall a pleasing time of year. Whether serving a gathering, dining solo, or with your immediate family, look to the Co-op for food that provides authentic, delicious sustenance, and strengthens your community.

– Theresa Carbrey, New Pioneer Food Co-op Education and Outreach Coordinator

2 thoughts on “Reflections from a Departing Pioneer”

  1. Pam Michaud says:

    I was a New Pioneer member at the small historic Bowery St. store which moved to the second floor walk up at the Vine building on Gilbert St. then on to the big time on Van Buren and Washington.
    We'll all remember Theresa Carberry's energy, innovation, and enthusiasm for almost 40 years of Co-op service.
    Enjoy your new free time !!

  2. Genie Maybanks says:

    I will forward this comment on to her! Thanks so much for the kind words. She is all of that and more. <3 Genie

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