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New Pi Co+op Basics

We’re committed to improving our selection and prices so that everyone can find more value on our shelves.

Our expanded Co-op Basics program now offers over 500 popular, affordable grocery and household staples  
– the building blocks for hearty meals and day-to-day living at GREAT prices! 

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Some favorites you'll find: 

Organic Valley
Gallon-size Milk


New Pi's House-made
French Bread


Local Early Morning Harvest
All-Purpose Flour


Bulk Rolled Oats


Bunny Luv
Baby Carrots


Bulk Spinach


Locally Raised Thousand Hills
Grass-Fed Ground Beef 


Select Equal Exchange Coffees

price varies by bag

Local Farmer's Hen House
Large White & Brown Eggs

$1.99 & $2.99

New Pi Brand
Basic Multi Vitamin, 90 ct.



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