The store where every choice is a good choice.

Life is complicated… grocery shopping doesn’t have to be!

At New Pi, we do the label-reading – so you don’t have to. Putting a lot of thought into stocking our shelves, we focus on local and organic (find our Quality Standards here). We’re happy to take the homework out of your household shopping.

New Pi stands apart in the way we do business with local growers, currently supporting over 125 local producers (and sending $2 million their way just last year). We define “local” as within the state of Iowa or a 250 mile radius of New Pi stores, and label local items throughout our stores to make it easy for you to support them.

We believe you can do good for your body, the environment, and Iowa’s economy when you shop your community-owned co-op.

If you’d like to become a Co-op vendor, please see our Product Submission Guidelines.

Shop the orange tags to save big on your favorite products!
Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be complicated.
They’re What We’re All About
Smart Folks; Great Cooks!
A.K.A. “The Best Gift Ever”
Organic Hearth Breads, Cakes, & Pastries
Local Brews & Worldly Wines
Spices, Teas, Grains, Nuts, You Name It!
Fresh & Guest-Impressing
Artisanal Cheese from Iowa & Abroad
Freshly Prepared Sandwiches, Salads, Coffees, & Smoothies
Full Service Grocery with 350+ Locally Produced Items
Sustainable Seafood & Grass-Fed Meat
Vitamins, Supplements, Health, & Beauty
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