We believe that the products you put on your body ought to be as safe and natural as the food you eat.

We take great care in choosing the cleanest products available: rest assured that our products are free of unnecessary artificial ingredients like parabens, colorings, preservatives, binders, or fillers, and we are your source for vegetarian, vegan, and hypoallergenic health and body care options.

We take education seriously, so we have a shelf of reference books on hand for you to peruse, as well as an always-up-to-date HealthNotes kiosk to quickly research everything from natural remedies for ailments to potential drug interactions.

Some people just radiate good health. This is especially true of the Co-op’s wellness department (“department” doesn’t do it justice – it’s really more of a family), whose staff members just glow. It’s fitting. It also raises the question: What are their secrets? Get a glimpse into our lovely team’s world of wellness and get their everyday health tips right here.


Did you know?

  • Every first Tuesday of the month, New Pi owners get 10% off body care and supplements! Every Monday, senior owners (age 60+) get extra special treatment: 20% off supplements.
  • All our body care products are animal-friendly: no animal testing here!
  • Did you know that parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue and breast milk? We actively pursue paraben-free products. All of our sunscreens are paraben-free. The Environmental Working Group gives the Badger Brand Sunscreen we carry the very highest safety rating. It's reef-safe and biodegradeable too!
  • Fish oils are high in Omega-3s – the good fat believed to reduce inflammation and repair joints. Our fish oils are third party tested to ensure purity. Additionally, flax and chia seeds are an excellent plant-based, sustainable source of Omega-3s and fiber. A sprinkle on your cereal will put a bounce in your step!

Here are just a few of our favorite companies:

AuraCacia, the market leader for aromatherapy in the U.S., is manufactured right here in Eastern Iowa. Visit auracacia.com for wonderful recipes for making your own skin care products.

Eco Lips, another nationally-recognized local company, makes vegan, tinted, and SPF lip balms made with organic ingredients, right in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

Alaffia is Fair Trade certified – every product! – and they give back to women's cooperatives in Togo, Africa. Purchasing Alaffia products helps support the global community.

– Michelle McClintick, New Pi Wellness Coordinator

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