Organic & Local Produce

We love good food and our produce section is the heart of our store. Walk through our doors and you’ll find the largest selection of organic fruits and vegetables around! We stock our cases with organic produce because of its unrivaled flavor and because it’s entirely free of chemicals and pesticides. We do carry some conventional items here and there but we pride ourselves on our good, clean, organic produce.

Closer is better

Our local fruit and veggie producers are within a few hours drive of the Co-op, which means that from harvest to our shelves the turnaround time is much shorter, and even the same day for some of our producers. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Our produce is picked at its peak to insure the most nutrients and the best flavors. Try our fresh organic berries, local carrots, or tomatoes and you’ll feel like you’re sampling from the farmer’s market. A little known fact: many of the producers you find at local farmers' markets sell to the Co-op too.

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