To vote for this year's Board Candidates and Article Amendments, please fill out the ballot you received by mail or download and fill out the ballot below.

To be eligible to vote, you must hold a New Pioneer Food Co-op owner share in your own name.

  • Only the shareholder (owner) may vote. Spouses and household members without their own shares are not eligible. The shareholder is the name on the mailing address of this publication. You may also inquire at a store register, call (319) 248-6400, or email to determine the name in which the owner share is held and confirm your owner number.
  • To vote in the 2018 New Pi Board elections, you must have been an owner as of September 13, 2018.
  • Read the candidates’ comments (below) and select up to two.
  • Mark your selections on the ballot with a pen.

2018 Ballot & Voting Procedures

Voting Materials

Running Board Candidate: Caitlin Slessor

Running Board Candidate: Ramji Balakrishnan

Proposed Ammended Articles


Make sure we can count your ballot!

  • ALL information on your ballot must be accurate.
  • Be certain to fill out your ballot completely.
  • Print your name (your Co-op ownership must be under this name).
  • Sign your name.
  • Print address and phone number.
  • Verify your owner number by any of the ways listed above.

Cut the ballot as shown and fold on designated lines. If mailing, please tape at the sides (very important—DO NOT tape at bottom, the post office needs this free of tape).

Drop off or Mail

  • Mailed ballots must arrive at the accountant’s office by October 26, 2018, to be counted.
  • You may also drop your completed ballot in a ballot box at any New Pioneer store until store close on October 27, 2018, to be counted.
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