Rescheduled for Fri., Oct. 5: New Pi Releases 5th Private Label Beer: Power Jam!

Join us at New Pi Coralville for the Power Jam Release Party Friday, Oct. 5!

Attention, beer lovers! We're excited to release our 5th (and final for the season) New Pi private label beer this Friday, September 23! **POWER JAM ** is a strawberry-rhubarb barrel-aged sour beer made by the beer wizards at Madhouse Brewery in Des Moines and features locally-grown organic strawberries from our friends at Grinnell Heritage Farm.

Poer Jam!

Power Jam! is the 5th in New Pi's private label beer series, which started with New Pi's Hoppelganger (also brewed by Madhouse), Rootstock (brewed by Backpocket), Kilt Kicker (brewed by Madhouse with Cedar Ridge barrels), and Transporter (brewed by Kalona Brewing Co.). Each has been available for a short time only.

This special beer comes in a shareable 750 ml (wine bottle) size and is only available at New Pi stores. Quantities are limited; only 5 cases per store! Celebrate this special occasion—and grab your bottle while you can—at the official **POWER JAM** Release Party this Friday, Oct. 7, 5-7PM at New Pi Coralville! Everyone's welcome!

The launch party will have a roller derby theme, in honor of the brew’s name—Power Jam (a roller derby term for a time when a team is at a huge advantage for scoring points). Meet athletes from Iowa City’s Old Capitol City Roller Girls and the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls as they skate around the Coralville Co-op and the Madhouse brewer pours samples of this super-local beer at the party! Everyone's welcome!

2 thoughts on “Rescheduled for Fri., Oct. 5: New Pi Releases 5th Private Label Beer: Power Jam!”

  1. Barb Yarosik says:

    Just noticed the label on some of the private label beers has the banner "stronger + together." Maybe it's a coincidence that this is very similar to the HRC campaign slogan. If so, it's unfortunate, since IMO, the Co-Op shouldn't be seen as endorsing a particular presidential candidate. I know it's too late to do anything about it now, but I hope this won't happen again in the future. Thanks for listening.

  2. New Pi Eats says:

    Hi Barb!
    Co-ops across the country have been using the slogan "Stronger Together" for at least three years, and it indeed is just coincidence that it was picked up in this presidential campaign season. We chuckled when we noticed that we apparently weren't the only ones to like the slogan. You'll find "Stronger Together" fully ingrained in our materials: it's on our napkins, cups, and bags, as it has been for years, and on all our private label beer labels in the series, going back more than a year.

    It has always been our policy to not endorse political candidates. Please don't take co-ops' continued use of our "Stronger Together" slogan as an endorsement, as it predates (and will post-date) the political campaign. Thanks for inquiring!

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