New Pi Artisan Breads

Each day, our chefs and bakers make handmade breads from scratch with top quality ingredients. We abandon new-fangled notions like additives, dyes and artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, and preservatives for wholesome natural ingredients. Try one of our breads and other baked goods for a delicious treat or special occasion.

To deliver our breads to our stores earlier each day and make necessary efficiency improvements, our specialty breads will only be offered on a seasonally rotating basis – please sign up for New Pi’s emails to be in the loop! Stop by for 14 different hearth breads daily – now ALL available every day.

7-grain  carrot-bread  ciabatta  cinnamon-raisin  coralville-sourdough  cranberry-walnut  farm-bread  french-hard-rolls  french-boule  french-bread  jalapeno-cheddar  lions-bridge-bread  pain-puttanesca  prairie-seeded  raisin-pecan  sourdough-round  thorne-bay  wheat-bread  white-bread

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