Naturally Antibacterial Alaffia Neem Face & Body Care

Enjoy this guest post by Laura Shorey, New Pi Coralville Wellness Team:

I knew the jars of Neem oil we’ve carried on our Co-op shelves had natural anti-bacterial properties, but I hadn't given them much further thought until it showed up as the featured ingredient in the new line from our favorite Fair Trade skin and hair care products, Alaffia!

Alaffia Neem

Indeed, the antibacterial properties of Neem oil lend themselves well towards combatting acne, which make the facial care products – specifically their cleanser – ideal for acne-prone skin. Neem works by soothing inflammation and irritation, which can help prevent further breakouts!

Folks not having issues with acne can still receive the benefits of Neem: it turns out that Neem is also rich in skin-soothing vitamin E and essential fatty acids and also stimulates collagen production, all of which help smooth scars and wrinkles.

In addition to skin care, Alaffia also offers neem-based hand lotion (naturally anti-bacterial hand lotion!), a skin-soothing body wash, plus shampoo and conditioner (good for all hair types, especially effective in combatting dry scalp), and new varieties of their ever-popular deodorants complete with activated charcoal, which works like a sponge to soak up odors and toxins.

 Alaffia’s Neem Body Care is 25% off at your Co-op through July 5!

Alaffia Neem 2

Alaffia's mission focuses on the betterment of the community of Togo, West Africa, where one of the company's founders was born and raised. Alaffia’s profits provide maternal care, education, eyeglasses, and work on eradicating FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), as well as reforestation and development of alternative fuels. Their Fair Trade certified company is a model of good labor practices such as paying fair prices for raw materials, providing good working conditions, and being good environmental stewards.

When you choose Alaffia, you can feel good about the products and the practices you’re supporting – for your own wellbeing, and for others’ around the world!

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