Minutes of December 17, 2014, Open Meeting

Minutes of December 17, 2014, Open Meeting

22 S. Linn St. NPC Admin. Office

Present: All board but Norris (travelling); GM Hartz, CO Albright; 3 members


Sarah called the meeting to order at ~6:30 PM.


Approval of Minutes

Jen moved and Hank seconded that the board approve the minutes of Oct. 22, 2014. Voting: 6-0 (passed)


By consensus, the board informally agreed that the minutes of the Oct. 26, 2014 Annual Members’ Meeting are ready to be put on the NPC web site (formal approval to be done at next fall’s meeting).


Open Forum

No one spoke to the board. The members in attendance said they were simply attending the meeting.


President’s Report

Sarah announced that the board had had one executive session since the last open meeting and that the Cedar Rapids store opened on December 10.


GM Report

Matt said that the first week’s sales at CR were higher than forecast, but he reminded the board of the “J curve” (cf. minutes of 12/3/14). Four hundred new members joined during the first week of CR business; 75% of sales in CR were to members; at CV and VB, ~90% of sales are to members.

An annoyance is that the exterior signage at the CR store is not finished; Ryan Co. is applying pressure to the vendor.

The SNAP (food stamp) arrangements for CR are not yet completed; Matt has a ‘firm’ letter to be sent to try to speed things up. All SNAP application materials must be done using paper and the USPO (slower).

The interior layout of the CR store is the same as the previous plan for the College/Gilbert site, but on a smaller scale. The VB store will continue to be upgraded where possible, but a new Iowa City site is to be sought.


Financial Report

Draft financial reports will go to the finance committee this week. Sales at VB and CV are steady; financial reports compared to budget will be unusual and show fluctuations during the coming months while sales levels at all stores become clearer.


Hank sent the finance committee’s proposed Bylaw Change regarding financial information to be made accessible for members to the board prior to the meeting.
Hank moved and Caroline seconded that the proposed Bylaw change be approved as written. Voting: 6-0 (passed) See below:

Within six months of the close of the fiscal year, summaries of the audited balance sheet, statement of cash flow and consolidated income statement shall be posted on the New Pioneer website under the Board of Directors section. A minimum of three years of reports shall be maintained on the website.

 For the Income Statement:

  • Net Revenue
  • Operating Expenses
  • Income from Operations
  • Other Income/Expenses
  • Income Before Taxes
  • Net Income

For the Cash flow:

  • Operating Activities
  • Investing Activities
  • Financing Activities

For the Balance Sheet:


o   Current Assets

  • Cash & Short Term Investments
  • Inventory
  • Other Current Assets

Total Current Assets

o   Total Property & Equipment

o   Other Assets

o   Total Assets

Liabilities & Owner Equity

o   Current Liabilities

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accrued Payroll & Benefits
  • Other Payables

Total Current Liabilities

o   Long Term Liabilities

o   Equity

o   Total Liabilities & Owner Equity

Hank moved that the meeting be adjourned. Voting: 6-0 (passed)

The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM.

In the pause before the next meeting, Matt and Sarah showed the board a series of photos of the CR store interior.


**The ‘new 2015 board’ is the same as the old board (no new board members were elected in October).


Sarah convened the first meeting of the new 2015 board at 7:14 PM.


Discussion of Board Committees and Officers

Decisions will be made at the first January meeting of the board.

Sarah said that Janet is throwing her hat into the ring for board president.

The board discussed the situation. Jon expressed interest in the VP job/Planning Committee.

Sarah explained to the 3 members observing the meeting what the committee structure is and how to volunteer to serve on one.


Meeting Schedule for 2015

Sarah proposed holding a member/owner meeting in February to discuss where NPC is now, in general.


The board’s 2015 meeting schedule will probably be continued as it was in 2014.


Community engagement

Sarah and Jen have been talking about how to do this effectively.


The new policy with discounts and specials for members and the elimination of the 5% non-member surcharge that occurred concurrently with the opening of the CR store was discussed briefly.


The Annual Member Meeting needs to be re-planned to be enjoyable and better attended.


Jen and Sarah have met with Mike Moran (Iowa City Park & Rec) about the unfortunate elimination of the winter farmers’ markets. Moran suggested having the City make land available for NPC members to garden on as a substitute for the lost land of Doug and Dorothy Paul’s where Earth Source Gardens were planted.


Jen suggested board meetings be scheduled in CR as well as IC.


Jon said NPC’s higher product quality compared to Lucky’s and Fresh Market’s is being noticed.


Sarah thanked Matt, Janet, Hank and the staff and management team for all their work in opening the CR store.


Hank moved that the meeting be adjourned. Voting: 6-0 (passed)


The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 PM.



____________________   ________________________

Sarah Walz, President       Caroline Dieterle, Secretary

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