Minutes of Dec. 16, 2015, Open Meeting

Minutes of Dec. 16, 2015 Open Meeting

22 S. Linn St. NPC Admin. Office

Present: All board; Board members-elect Caitlin Slessor, Zara Wanlass; GM Hartz, COO Albright; member John Macatee.


Janet called the meeting to order at ~6:30 PM.


Board calendar

The board meetings will remain on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Janet proposed, and the board agreed, that meetings be held monthly January – July; no meeting in August; meetings in September and October (including the Annual Members Meeting); no meeting in November; meeting in December. The March meeting will be in Cedar Rapids. There will be an open meeting work session on Policy Governance on January 30.


Note: the next agenda will include a vote to officially discontinue the Mission Statement Monitoring Reports (MSMs) in favor of having the executive reports that will be due under Policy Governance.


National Co-op Grocery Assn. (NCGA) member agreement

This agreement is renewed every 2 years; this year a membership agreement approved by the board is desired rather than an administrative renewal as in the past. The financial advantages for product supply costs are substantial for Co-ops.


Cal moved and Jen seconded that the board approve the resolution language presented by Matt. Voting : 6-0-1 (passed, Jon abstaining due to employment with NCGA)


Open Forum

Member Jon McAtee asked the board for NPC’s support for food for those who don’t have enough of it; he suggested having a donation mechanism for funds for the Crisis Center Food Bank: a donation opportunity at the point of sale (check-out aisles).

The board referred this idea to the member relations committee.


Update on staff survey implementation

Matt explained the summary of the survey results (distributed to the board prior to the meeting) and said that a report would be written and given to the board regarding the time line for the changes that will be made as a result of the survey.


Heather Bender has been hired to expand the Human Resources office capability: this was an urgent need identified by the survey.


Operations Report

Craig presented the report he had distributed to the board prior to the meeting.

He announced that “winter hours” will be put into effect at the CR store. Sales volume between 7:00 and 8:00 AM daily is too low to balance the labor cost of offering those hours. This decision will be reviewed in April ’16.



Sarah moved and Hank seconded that the board approve the minutes of August 26, October 24, and October 28. Voting: 7-0 (passed)


Sarah moved that the meeting be adjourned. Voting: 7-0 (passed)


The meeting was adjourned at 7:32 PM.

_______________________     ______________________

Janet Razbadouski, President   Caroline Dieterle, Secretary

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