Minutes of February 27, 2019 Open Meeting


Board members present: All

Staff attending: Ryan, Tony, Craig

Owner(s) attending: Caroline


Call to Order

Open session meeting called to order at 6:03pm


Owner Open Forum

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Minutes Approval

January 23, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

moved to approve minutes;  seconded; passed 7-0-0
B7: Board Communication (Matt)

  • Matt noted non-compliance related to uploading information into OneDrive within the 7 day window. Cal noted this is likely due to the desire for obtaining the most current reports for Board review.
  • Cal makes a motion to approve B7, noting non-compliance on B7.1; Ramji seconds; passed 7-0-0

B8: Board Support (Matt)

  • Kelli does not have a key to the file cabinet in the Admin Office; it is still in Zara’s possession but will be turned over. Zara is also submitting electronic recordings from her time as Secretary for submission for the Historical Society, as will Kelli. Jon volunteered to provide support.
  • Cal mentioned that tonight’s board meeting isn’t on the website and there is a lag in getting minutes posted online at times.
  • Cal makes a motion to approve B8; Jon seconds; passed 7-0-0

Financial Committee report (Cal)

  • January was a very rough month, nearly all attributed to weather driving negative sales results. CR and IC stores were actually trending positive for the month until the Polar Vortex and other weather issues. Anecdotal evidence shows local competitors also felt similar negative impacts, as well as regional co-ops. Cash reserved were used in January.
  • Staff were compensated when NPC closed early/opened late. This is true to our mission, but also a significant financial investment.
  • Ramji and Cal agreed that upcoming projects that will contribute to positive cash flow are essential for near- and long-term growth. The velocity of our design-making as a board and administration needs to increase. Timelines must be efficient and aggressive. There is little margin for error with projects, so immediate targeted marketing is also imperative regardless.

MOR Committee Review (Wannette)

  • The NCG research provided is very beneficial for informing the vision of the marketing ‘refresh’ and industry trends. This is connected to the significantly revised job description for the Brand and Marketing Manager position. (Looking to make an offer for this position in April, if not sooner.)
  • Linda is serving as the interim Marketing Manager and has an amazing overview of the organization and marketing goals, and is providing very solid guidance while we are seeking a new hire.
  • Ramji inquired how we/marketing team can capitalize on our co-op structure and use member-owners as ‘influencers’. This is what sets us apart from all other grocers in our region.
  • Soon a targeted mailing (based on purchasing data) will go out to member-owners with an incentive to return to NPC to shop. Ryan and certain members of the management team are heading this.

Project Updates (Matt)

  • Matt will provide regular, concise and direct project updates on up to a biweekly basis, but no less than a monthly basis. Board and Planning Committee will monitor the timeline, budget, scope, and other details important to project completion.
  • Scope and planning for Iowa City remodel is nearly done (some improvements already occurring), and different phases of the Coralville remodel details are also nearing completion. Matt will bring approval items to the April board meeting, if not earlier during a newly scheduled March board meeting.
  • Board will look at a revised Member-Owner Benefits Package proposal in April, which will make member-ownership more meaningful. If approved, Phase 1 of the launch will take place in May.
  • Matt and Linda shared a Brand Refresh Summary with the board.

Calendar Overview (Caitlin)

  • No Board Retreat in March.
  • Please work on Committee Charters before our April meeting.

Meeting Adjournment

Ramji moved to adjourn; motion passed 7-0-0

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

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