Sobaski's Pork

Type: Farm

Produces: Pork

Location: Washington, IA

Miles from Coop: 35

Meet Aaron Sobaski and his family:


"After college, I worked at a confinement pig farm," Aaron explains. "I was sick all the time," he recalls, "and I wasn’t happy."

"I decided I was going to raise pigs my way – and I would never go back. It truly bothers me to drive past hog confinements that do not allow the pigs to have access to do what a pig wants and is supposed to do."

Aaron’s pigs have:

"Plenty of room to run, root around, dig holes, and go outside, and they just don’t get sick – they’re overall healthy pigs."

A secret:

Confinement pig farmers order pigs from Aaron, because they’re the kind of meat they actually want to eat. It’s just got a different flavor.

"It is labor intensive,” Aaron notes, “but it’s definitely worth it."

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