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No matter when it arrives (a little late, this year!), winter demands accommodation. Many of us find our typical means of self care (say, time spent relaxing outdoors?) disrupted by hostile natural conditions, daily sunlight is limited, and every social encounter is potentially contagious – but you don't have to go down like that. If you haven't already, start fortifying yourself for a happy, healthy winter season! Here at your Co-op, we have everything to empower you, and knowledgeable staff to help you too.


Bone Up On Your Health!

Eating by the Paleo diet or seeking a new protein powder (for omnivores)? Our new Bone Broth from Ancient Nutrition is rich in amino acids, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, minerals,
electrolytes, and collagen, which makes it great for joint, intestinal, skin, and immune health (think chicken soup benefits). Your Co-op carries Bone Broth powders in six delicious, diverse flavors: Pure, Chocolate, Vanilla, Turmeric, Banana, and Apple Cinnamon, which make delicious smoothies, and can be added to virtually any food you can think of from soups to hummus to cookies. The book Bone Broth Breakthrough gives delicious recipe suggestions and other nutritional information, available for FREE at your Co-op! – Laura, New Pi Coralville

The Skinny on an Important Fat

Are the shorter days and lack of sunshine beginning to take a toll? Then I have to ask, is there omega-3 in the house? The science involving omega-3s for a healthy and happy lifestyle continues to stack up in its favor. The University of Maryland Medical Center states, “Symptoms of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings or depression, and poor circulation.”

Omega-3 fatty acids, per the Harvard University School of Public Health, “are an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affect the function of cell receptors in these membranes.” Which means they affect our entire body! Customers frequently ask me, “Is eating a healthy diet enough?” Of course a good diet is vital for good health. There are three omega-3 fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicospentaenoic acid (EPA), and docoshexaenoic acid (DHA). The first, ALA, is easier to include in a diet, as it comes from nuts, some plant foods, and grass-fed animal fat. However, it is the EPA and DHA we need more of, and to get enough you’ll need to eat fish rich in these fats such as mackerel, anchovies, sardines, and salmon at least two times a week. If you are eating like this, kudos to you! If you’re like me though, a supplement can fill the gaps. Good news for vegans and vegetarians: we have marine algae forms of EPA and DHA too. – Isabelle, New Pi Coralville



Light your Inner Fire

Drinking your medicine is an ever-expanding trend. Smoothies, protein shakes, juicing, kombucha... nutrient absorption now, please! We offer delicious varieties of all your favorite liquid medicinals or the means to make them yourself. Often these concoctions also serve to mask the taste of highly nutritive but less appetizing bits (spirulina, anyone?). Which is why, for many, the great advantage of pills continues to be their flavorless ease, and we have all the supplements you’d like, third party-checked for purity and efficacy too.

However, in the case of bitters and other herbal tonics, taste is actually essential to their effectiveness. Bitter tonics activate the bitter receptors in the mouth, signaling the stomach to prepare for digestion. Apple cider vinegar (try Bragg’s with “the mother” included or our straight local version from Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City) is a powerhouse that generously imparts a wide range of health benefits as it travels from the mouth down the esophagus.

Herbal Revolution’s Tonics are the best chest-opening way to start your day. Katheryn Langelier created the company, backed with 20 years of herbal medicine experience. She crafts her small-batch teas, tonics, and elixirs with plant material sustainably wild-harvested from the “coast, fields, and forests” of Maine, and from her certified organic farm. They infuse raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey with herbs and veggies for tonics, like Herbal Revolution's Langelier's Fire Tonic No. 9, made in the tradition of a classic fire cider (horseradish, onion, garlic), but with the added benefit of complementary herbs for digestive and respiratory health. One tablespoon a day, or before every meal, diluted or straight up.

Bitter Tonic No. 3 is lemon, ginger, and a collection of bitter herbs, including burdock and dandelion root. Mineral Tonic No. 11 includes beets, ginger, nettles, and alfalfa, “nutrient dense vegetables, herbs, and kelp.” Find her entire line of tonics at your Co-op. Cheers! – Amanda, New Pi Iowa City


Get Back in Balance with CBD

Are you aware that your own body produces cannabis-like compounds, similar to the ones found in the marijuana plant?

Scientists are discovering that each one of us has an endocannabinoid system in which receptors are located throughout our bodies. CBD, a compound found in the cannabis plant (THC, the one which produces a euphoric feeling, is another compound in cannabis) communicates with these receptors and
can help restore homeostasis and general wellbeing.

So how is it legal in Iowa, you ask? CBD is derived from the agricultural hemp plant, a non-psychoactive relative of the marijuana plant, just like “hemp oil,” which we’ve been carrying on our shelves for years, but in a much more concentrated form. Our CBD oil products – of which we have a wide variety of dosages, from 1 mg to 60 mg – come as an oral spray in unflavored or peppermint, in capsule form, a topical balm, and in a super-concentrated paste. – Laura, New Pi Coralville



Who you Are is More Than Enough

Looking in someone's face is a sacred affair. Meeting the warmth behind their eyes, noticing the gentle curve of their lips as they speak, and admiring the tiniest unique imperfections is what connects each and every one of us in such a profound and unique way.

Evan Healy is a beautifully crafted, holistic, plant-based skincare line that radically changes how we view our skin. It embraces and caters to the natural process of aging, designing products specifically suited to make different skin types look and feel flawless.

One of my favorite products to indulge in is the Lemongrass Face Polish, for maximum exfoliation with minimal effort. Just a few shakes mixed with water or your favorite Evan Healy Cleansing Milk is all you need to achieve glowing, radiant skin. Follow up with the Blue Cactus Serum to smooth and soften even the driest of skin, and your face will be beautifully nourished and completely hydrated.

Beauty is here, now, in front of us. With Evan Healy, who you are is more than enough. – Kris, New Pi Cedar Rapids


Buy Locally, Act Globally

A mission to empower communities in developing nations through entrepreneurship motivates Pacha Soap co-founders Andrew and Abi. After witnessing firsthand the lack of hygiene education in Peru, they found their calling to not only spread proper hand washing, but to set up soap shops in these areas so that locals can learn the skill of crafting soaps (pacha is the word for “earth” in Quechua, Peru’s native tongue). Pacha sales also support W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene), which works to provide education and clean water sources in these communities. Their end goal? Aid in ending the poverty cycle.

Pacha Soaps are naturally beautiful and smell amazing! They’re hand crafted at their soap shop in Nebraska, environmentally sustainable, and free of parabens, sulfates, harsh surfactants, propylene glycol, phthalates, petro-chemicals, and dyes. Delightful scents include Lavender, Patchouli, Cassia, and Lemongrass. Most importantly, when you buy a bar of Pacha Soap, they donate a bar for every bar sold – and you can feel confident that you are helping create livelihoods for communities in need around the world. – Abby, New Pi Cedar Rapids

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