Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics

Vedic City

Products: Organic Kale; Chard; Cucumbers; Eggplants; Tomatoes; & Bell Peppers

Location: Vedic City, Fairfield, Iowa

Miles to Co-op: 66.5

Basking in the warm greenhouses at Maharishi Vedic City Organic Farm in Fairfield, kale and chard are living it up. They’re thriving in the humid air of their three-acre greenhouse, along with rows of cucumber, pepper, and tomato plants. Established in 2003, the farm focuses on growing produce with “taste and quality that has been lost in today’s commercial food supply.”


Through the use of biodynamic methods, intensive soil building practices, and applying the knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Agriculture, they work to grow produce with “the highest nutrient value, conferring the greatest benefit to your health.” The group's knowledge isn't limited to vegetables – they also care for the ecological sustainability of their farm, irrigating from a nearby pond and powering it with a wind turbine.

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