Urban Greens


Location: Iowa City, Iowa

Ted Myers (left) and sister-brother duo Laura Greig and Chad Treloar want more local greens in your life – in January, and February, and March, and April... and you get the picture.

With biology, environmental science, and global ag. resource studies at the University of Iowa in their back pocket, this crew has set up a pretty impressive hydroponic system in their house, and have all kinds of exciting expansion plans.

Their first hydroponics efforts were actually in Haiti, building a hydroponic system for an orphanage where the soil was too poor for growing good vegetables. Here in Iowa we have excellent soil of course, but we don't always have excellent vegetable growing weather, so they're here to provide us beautiful greens, year-round!

Stop by your Co-op to try out the new Lettuce Medley or Bold & Spicy Salad Mix from Urban Greens, and look for more varieties to come in the future!

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