Sogo Snacks


Decorah, Iowa

100% Grass-Fed - Free Range - Zero Antibiotics/Hormones - Gluten Free
Paleo/Keto/Whole30 Friendly - Non-GMO Verified

After years in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa, Dan Bellrichard returned state-side, working in AmeriCorps, the WI Dept. of Natural Resources, Sustainability at Luther College, and Grass Run Farms before starting his own grass-fed snacks compan!. Sogo (named for the Mali Bambara word for “meat,” paired in their logo with the silhouette of the baobab tree whose leaves are in a key sauce in Mali) is a true family business with his wife Liza, brother Paul, and “unofficial quality control” from Sogo-snacking daughters Lulu (8) and Poppy (7). Join Sogo’s Kiva Microloan Lending Team effort here and find non-profits dear to their hearts here.

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