Sno Pac Frozen Vegetables


Products: Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Location: Caledonia, Minnesota

Sno Pac is a family owned and operated organic farm and processing plant that began around 1900 and has been organic since the beginning (Have you heard the phrase: “Organic food – what your grandparents used to call ‘food’!?), and certified organic since 1943.

“Our peas and green beans are grown right here, most less than 40 miles from Caledonia,” President Pete Gengler (at right) notes. He co-owns the company with his brother Nick – they’re the family's 4th generation to run it. Their great-grandfather J.P. Gengler established the business with the belief that food and farming did not need to have added chemicals or pesticides, with both concern for the health of the people eating his products, as well as being a good steward to the land.

Why do Sno Pac’s frozen vegetables taste better? “I might be biased, but I think it’s the Midwest soil for the most part. I really think things taste better from this area,” Pete affirms. “We farm 3,000 acres of vegetables ourselves,” to bring in as much local produce as possible to freeze and package, Pete explains. They work with other farmers to get local produce whenever possible, including sourcing as many organic cranberries as they can from an Indian reservation’s bog in Wisconsin.

Before eating healthy became popular, people bought Sno Pac (organic) vegetables because they tasted great. Folks still come directly to their plant – many of them third or fourth generation Sno Pac customers – to pick up their annual supply of vegetables. Today, this 4th generation of family farmers continues to be committed to the future while staying connected to their past.

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